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1973 Porsche 911 in for XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra in Denver

This 1973 Porsche 911 has been purpose built for the track, borrowing quite a bit of inspiration from the 911 RSR. This car was just flat out cool. It sounded, looked, and felt exactly like what you wanted a track built 911 to be. As it hasn’t seen the track yet after paint, we needed to make sure the paint would be well protected from chips and damage from track debris. We went with XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra on a few key areas.

XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra is an 8.5 mm thick urethane film that will absorb the impact from road debris that causes permanent damage to the paint. The film is optically clear once installed with a great gloss and final finish. So how do we do it?

Each project begins with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of each surface we are working on. This includes several washes with GYEON quartz Q2M Foam, Q2M Bathe, Q2M Iron, and our Clay Bar process.

While the 911 is be cleaned and prepared, we are also designing and preparing the Clear Bra coverage. This is an extremely important step. We use the XPEL DAP Design Software to custom design the coverage for each car. The software provides us perfectly scanned and fitting patterns for each area of the car. We can then wrap edges by extending them in the software, as well as add points or drag curves to create the most coverage possible with the cleanest look. This software keeps us from hand trimming with a razor blade over complex areas of the car and possibly damaging the paint.

Time to install the Clear Bra!

Now that the Clear Bra is installed this car can be driven as it was meant to be driven without the worry of rock chips from road debris. Check out the final shots!

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