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Tesla Model 3 Performance in for XPEL STEALTH Paint Protection Film and GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating in Denver

To say we have seen many of the local Tesla Model 3 cars in for Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating would be an understatement. The amount of cars moving off the dealership lot is remarkable, and a true testament to how well Tesla has designed an electric offering for a wide audience. The car is just cool. The interior looks as a future car should. Simple and sleek. No gauges. Just a large center screen in front of a flat linear dash. The car feels tight and well put together. And it is fast. Very. Very fast. The Model 3 Performance hits 60 mph in 3.5 seconds through the dual motor all wheel drive, 1.6 seconds faster than the standard version. It is a fun car to drive. To add a bit of personality to this Model 3, we went with the XPEL STEALTH satin finished paint protection film topped with GYEON quartz Q2 Matte which is a ceramic coating designed specifically for matte and satin finishes. We also performed our Chrome Delete service as well as had the Wheels finished in a satin black Powder Coat to round out the look.

Step 1: Wash and Decon

Each car is thoroughly cleaned from front to back in every service level we offer. This ensures a clean and ready surface to work on as well as making sure that no loose dirt and contaminant from other areas of the car migrate in to the working areas.

Step 2: Clear Bra Installation

Now that the surface is prepared we can move on to the XPEL STEALTH installation. XPEL STEALTH is identical to the XPEL ULTIMATE in terms of thickness, durability, and its ability to protect the paint however it has a satin finish instead of gloss. The finished look is very healthy, as it allows the natural color of the underlying paint to transfer through.

Step 3: Ceramic Coating

While the Clear Bra is in place to protect the paint from road debris that causes rock chips, the Ceramic Coatings will offer long term protection from UV and environmental damage while making regular wash maintenance very fast and easy.

Step 4: Go Drive It!

This Model 3 now has the best chance possible to stay looking better than new in a state that is very harsh on vehicle finishes. The Clear Bra will keep rock chips from damaging the paint and the Ceramic Coating will deliver a rich, healthy look while protecting from UV and environmental degradation while making wash maintenance a breeze.

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