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Porsche 911 GT3 in for XPEL Clear Bra and GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating in Denver

The 991.1 Porsche 911 GT3 is a beautiful combination of technical engineering and class. It’s not too much. It’s not too little. It is an absolute rocket ship that can be comfortably driven to a nice dinner. The rear engine 6 cylinder produces 500 hp and pushes the car to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds with the PDK transmission. So that this car can be driven as it was meant to be, without damaging the Chalk color option, we applied our Full Body Protection Package in XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Clear Bra and topped it off with our Level 2 GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating Package.

The XPEL Clear Bra, or Paint Protection Film, is in place to provide total protection from road debris impact that causes rock chips. This is a very important component to the protection system in a State that is 100% guaranteed to introduce permanent damage to your paint though rock chips. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is an 8.5 mm thick dual layer urethane film that when properly installed, provides invisible protection from this type of impact. The film is optically clear with a fantastic gloss.

The GYEON quartz Ceramic Coatings will encapsulate the entire vehicle in the latest technology in surface protection. The Ceramic Coatings offer long term protection from UV and environmental damage, a serious bump in gloss, and deliver a surface that freely repels dirt and contaminant so that the surfaces are simple and fast to clean keeping them healthy long term.

This level of New Car Protection is an investment in having fun in the car. Get in it, drive it hard, knowing the finish is well protected from damage during use and easy to maintain. Just have fun! So how do we do it?

Each project begins with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of every inch of the car. We need to make sure that we have perfectly clean paint to apply the Clear Bra and Coatings over, as well as ensure that no loose dirt or contaminant migrates from anywhere else on the car and in to our working area. We do this through several washes with GYEON quartz Q2 Foam, Q2 Bathe, Q2 Iron, and our Clay Bar Process.

While the GT3 is being cleaned, we are also preparing the Clear Bra for installation. We utilize the XPEL DAP Design Software which provides us perfectly fitting patterns for every inch of the car. We can then custom manipulate those patterns to extend and wrap edges, as well as extend coverage. Using the software and Graphtec Plotter, the coverage is designed and cut with exact precision. We have perfectly cut circles around parking sensors and perfectly conforming lines across any exposed edge. It is this uniformity that keeps the human eye from noticing that the film is even in place. We are also installing the film the safest way possible. Using the software to design our coverage and wrap edges, we are not trimming film over your paint with a carbon razor blade where the paint can easily be damaged. Each section is designed, printed, and labeled to be ready for install.

Time to apply the film! Cleanliness is of utmost priority when installing large area clear bra. Our installers, all factory trained by XPEL, wear paint suits during install to manage debris. We keep our shop impeccably clean and organized. Dust Collectors are hung from the ceiling and run constantly. Every inch of the shop is under air conditioning. If we’ve done our job well, you’ll have no idea the Clear Bra is in place.

Once the Clear Bra is complete and allowed to dry, we wipe down the film with GYEON Q2M Prep to remove all oils and lubricants from the install stage and get ready for coating. The GYEON quartz Ceramic Coatings are top of their class. We have been using this system exclusively for just over 3 years with very consistent results. The finish will be well protected from UV and environmental exposure, provide a ton of gloss, intense water beading, and make maintenance washing very fast and simple.

The Wheels of the GT3 receive a specific coating chemistry in GYEON Q2 RIM that is highly temperature tolerant. This will keep the protection in place long term, keep brake dust from corroding the wheel finish, and make for simple clean up of the intricate wheel design.

The Windshield gets Q2 VIEW, which is a coating designed specifically for glass to increase visibility while driving in poor weather. Rain water will fly off the windshield easily at speeds upwards of 40 mph.

This Porsche 911 GT3 now has the best protection possible applied to every vulnerable surface of the car. It can be driven worry free of damage from road debris and environmental exposure. High gloss. Easy wash maintenance. The perfect New Car Prep. Check out the final shots!




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