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Matte BMW M3 in for Stealth PPF and Ceramic Coatings

As controversial as the G80 M3 was when it came out, it was a major step for the legendary M3 platform. With an all-new X-Drive AWD system, well over 500 horsepower and a drastic change in BMW’s design language, it made quite an impression on the car community. 

This 2023 BMW M3 Competition X-Drive, finished in a gorgeous matte green, rolled through the studio for Full-Body Stealth Paint Protection Film (PPF) and our Level 1 Ceramic Coating System to protect this vehicle from the hazardous roads here in Denver, Colorado.

Step 1: Decontamination Wash

To start, it’s important that we do a complete decontamination wash on this M3 to prepare it for the PPF and Ceramic Coating install. We’ll kick this process off with a thorough application of Gyeon Q2M Foam and Q2M Iron. These two products will remove both the heavy surface-level contaminants and chemical contaminants, allowing us to do a contact wash much more safely. 

Foam resting on vehicle

Before we do our contact wash, we will also clean the wheels with Gyeon Q2M Iron Wheel Cleaner to remove any dirt, brake dust or road grime from the wheels. Now we can begin to hand wash this vehicle with a Gyeon Smoothie and Q2M Bathe. We also exclusively use the three-bucket method, a common practice in car detailing, when washing vehicles to minimize the risk of scratching or swirling the paint. 

Using a wash mitt to clean M3 badge

Finally, we will dry the car with a BLO Car Dryer to avoid introducing any lint, fuzz or dust back onto the paint. This also allows us to completely dry out any cracks or body lines so that water will not continue to drip from those areas while we are trying to install clear bra or coatings. 

Drying car with BLO Car Dryer

Step 2: Paint Protection Film

Now that we have a completely clean vehicle, we can begin our Paint Protection Film Install. This client opted for Full-Body Stealth PPF for maximum protection. Matte vehicle paint is extremely difficult to maintain because if it gets scratched or damaged, it cannot be polished or repaired and the entire panel must be re-painted. With that in mind, it’s extremely important to protect it before it gets irreversibly damaged. 

Stealth Clear Bra is a very effective option for car owners looking to protect matte or frosted paint since it will not change the finish of the paint. It also has all of the other amazing benefits that come with PPF including long-term protection from road debris, rock chips, scratching and bird droppings.

Before we start installing, we’ll use a specialized computer software and a plotter to print out PPF patterns custom-designed for each body panel. This ensures that you will get a perfect fit and finish every time without the risks of distortion or blades near your paint. 

For the actual installation, our factory-trained installers will first spray the entire body panel down with a slip solution before laying the film on top. Before we begin adhering the film to the paint, we carefully align the pattern with the panel and set anchor points so that it does not move out of place. Then, using a squeegee, we’ll push the slip solution out from under the film, allowing the adhesive to stick to the paint. 

After working around the whole car using this method, we will let the car sit overnight before coming back to it and fixing any unwrapped edges or air pockets. Once we’re completely happy with the installation, the car will move under our light booth for Ceramic Coatings. 

Installing PPF on rear quarter panel

Step 3: Ceramic Coating

For an added layer of protection on top of the Paint Protection Film, this client chose to install our Level 1 Ceramic Coating System. High-quality ceramic coatings have several great advantages over a traditional wax or paint sealant. First and foremost, ceramic coatings create a layer of protection from harmful UV rays or chemical contaminants. They also create hydrophobicity, keeping your car cleaner and making regular car washing much easier.

Since this vehicle has Full-Body PPF, there’s no need to do a paint correction, so we can jump straight into the prep work. We use both Gyeon Q2M Prep and Q2M WaterSpot to remove any lubricants, fingerprints, grease or water spots from the paint before we install the coating.

With a perfectly clean and prepped surface, we can begin applying a ceramic coating. Using a microfiber applicator and moving one panel at a time, we will spread the coating onto the paint. Then, using a long and short fiber microfiber towel, we’ll carefully remove the excess coating, making sure to not leave any high spots. 

Applying ceramic coating to front badge

After a quick vacuum, tire dressing and interior wipe down, this gorgeous G80 M3 Comp is ready for delivery. 

Finished car under light booth
Interior on finished car
Jeff McEachran

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