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Huracan Sterrato finished with PPF and Ceramic Coatings

Ten years ago, if you had suggested that Lamborghini would make an offroad version of their V10 supercar, nobody would have believed you. Yet, here we are in 2023 and the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato has started to hit the trails. 

The owner of this Huracan Sterrato wanted their vehicle protected for all of their on or off-road adventures. Full-body PPF, our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System and Sides and Rear Ceramic Window Tint was the perfect solution.

Step 1: Thorough Decontamination Wash

To kickstart this project, we begin with a comprehensive decontamination wash. This Huracan Sterrato is treated to a soak in Gyeon Q2M Foam and Q2M Iron, a great combination of products that swiftly eliminates surface grime and chemical contaminants from the paint. We don’t neglect the wheels either, using a mild wheel cleaner and specialized brushes for a spotless finish.

After rinsing off our pre-wash agents, we proceed with a delicate contact wash on the painted surfaces and plastic trim using Q2M Bathe and the trusted three-bucket method. Additionally, we clay bar the whole vehicle to remove any embedded contaminants. The finishing touch involves drying the car with a BLO car dryer, ensuring a lint-free surface.

Foam resting on entire vehicle
Wash mitt and wash soap going across headlight

Step 2: Ceramic Window Tint

Now that this Huracan is completely clean we can move forward with ceramic tint. It’s receiving our Sides and Rear Automotive Window Tint Package. This package is all about keeping things cool and protecting you and your ride from harmful UV rays.

Before our tint expert even lays a finger on this vehicle, he’ll use a specialized computer program and a plotter to print out patterns specifically designed for each window. Once they’ve got those patterns printed, it’s time to tint.

They start the installation process by spraying some slip solution on the inside of the window and laying the tint right on top. After making sure it’s all lined up perfectly, they grab a squeegee and get to work, pushing out that solution from under the tint, making sure it sticks to the window without any creases or dust. 

Installing ceramic window tint onto driver's window

Step 3: Paint Protection Film Install

This client opted for Full-Body PPF, an ideal choice for any enthusiast-driven car. This package provides robust protection on your entire vehicle, effectively safeguarding against bird droppings, rock chips, road debris, minor scratches, and swirl marks. Paint protection film (PPF) essentially acts as a sacrificial layer that protects your car so that these hazards do not damage your paint.

Denver residents, in particular, benefit from PPF due to the increased road hazards in this area. What sets us apart is our commitment to precision. We custom-design and pre-cut the PPF for each vehicle and panel, ensuring a flawless fit with no stretching, distortion, or risk to your paint.

The clear bra installation begins with a slip solution to prepare the panel. We carefully align the PPF with the body panel, securing anchor points to prevent any slippage. Using a squeegee, we remove the slip solution, allowing the film to adhere seamlessly, leaving behind an invisible shield of protection.

Using this same method, we’ll work our way around the entire car until everything is protected. It’s important for us to let the vehicle sit untouched for 12-24 hours to allow everything to dry. We can then move around and inspect the car for any unwrapped edges, moisture or air pockets and any other imperfections.

Laying PPF onto hood
Clear bra install on roof

Step 4: Ceramic Coating Application

After the PPF is in place, the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato proceeds to our light booth for the application of our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System. This premium package includes two layers of coating for the body, as well as a dedicated coating for the wheel faces and windshield.

Ceramic coatings offer a protective layer against UV rays, oxidization, and chemical damage, all while boasting hydrophobic properties that make washing your car extremely easy. What do we mean by hydrophobic properties? This means that your car’s paint is very effective at repelling water.

Because this Huracan now has Full-body PPF, there is no need for a paint correction. Before we start installing the coatings, the entire car is treated with Q2M Prep and Q2M WaterSpot to eliminate any remaining water spots or lubricants.

When it’s time to apply a ceramic coating, we pour it onto a specialized applicator, working on one panel at a time. This method prevents the coating from dwelling on the paint, leaving a residue, commonly referred to as a high spot, that can be extremely challenging to remove. Immediately after coating a panel, we use two microfiber towels to remove excess coating, leaving behind a stunning, protective gloss.

Entire vehicle getting ceramic coated
Roof scoop ceramic coating

Finally, we apply a tire dressing, thoroughly vacuum the interior, and this Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato is ready for delivery.

Entire finished car under light booth
Finished car interior

If you’re interested in learning more about how our services can protect your car, please feel free to give us a call at 720-662-8520 or an email at

Jeff McEachran

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