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The Ferrari F8 Tributo Lands at Denver Auto Shield for XPEL Clear Bra

Ferrari’s latest mid engine rocketship, the F8 Tributo has made its way in to Denver Colorado. With a clear focus on aerodynamics as compared to the 488 and a 720 horse power engine, this will be a sports car to be reckoned with. In partnership with our good friends at Ferrari of Denver, we were tasked with protecting the paint of this new Ferrari so that it could be driven worry free of damage.

Our Driver’s Package in XPEL Clear Bra was the perfect fit. It is specifically designed to protect aggressively designed cars in the areas they will need it the most, whether its out for a quick jaunt around town or being fully put to use on a club or track day. The Driver’s Package protects the entire front end of the car, the A Pillars and Roof, the Lower Rocker Panels, the Rear Bumper Impact Areas, and of course the Side Mirrors and Door Cups. The Clear Bra, or Paint Protection Film, will provide an invisible barrier. Keeping rock chips, scratches, bug splatter, and other road debris from damaging the paint. Have more fun driving the car you care about knowing the finish is well protected.

So where do we start? Always with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of the entire car. We want to make sure that we have perfectly pure paint for the clear bra to adhere to, and to make sure that the car is impeccably clean so that no loose dirt or debris migrates in to the install area.

While the car is being cleaned, we are also designing and preparing the custom clear bra coverage. We use the XPEL DAP Software to custom design coverage for every inch of the car. We can extend and wrap edges, delete emblems or side markers, and anything else we would to do to provide the most coverage possible with a completely uniform, customized, and hidden installation. While never introducing a razor blade to the surface of the car.

Once the film is prepared, it is time to install! Our team of installers are at the top of their class. With years of experience and XPEL Factory Training to stay up to date on the latest techniques, we are truly able to present an exceptional finished product. Every possible edge is wrapped. The install is debris free and clean. There are no distortions or stretch lines in the adhesive. The film looks amazing.

The investment in Paint Protection Film is an investment in fun. You’ve just bought arguably the coolest toy on the planet, and there is no worse experience than being afraid to go play with it. The Clear Bra will give you the confidence to go and drive the car the way you want to, with no worry of damage. Check out the final shots!

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