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The all new 992 Porsche 911 in for XPEL Clear Bra

The 992 911’s are here! We have always serviced a ton of Porsche cars in our shop. We are heavily involved with the Porsche Club, and it has always been a car we have enjoyed working on and a group of owners that we have enjoyed working with. We are very excited to keep working on the 992 version of the Porsche 911 as they start to arrive in Denver. This well spec’d 911 Carrera S is receiving our Driver’s Package in XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film.

As always, we start with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of the vehicles finish. “New” cars have seen a good bit of life by the time they reach your driveway. They have been through shipping by boat and rail, through the dealer prep, and who knows what else adventure before you sign the paper work. So a deep cleaning is in order before we apply any long term protection.

While the factory rear fender paint protection film on the 992 is much larger than the preceding cars, it still won’t do. We remove this factory applied Clear Bra so that we can apply a single piece from the start of the Rocker Panel at the front of the car back to the wheel well and protect more of the rear fender area with a piece that wraps in to the door and in to the fender well for a much cleaner look and adequate protection.

While the car is being cleaned and prepped, we are also preparing the Clear Bra for installation. We use the XPEL DAP Design Software to custom design the coverage for each vehicle. We can extend edges to wrap, remove side makers and emblems, or anything else you’d want to do to maximize coverage and provide the cleanest look. Each section is then printed on the Graphtec plotter and prepared for application.

Now time to apply the Clear Bra! Our Driver’s Package protects the Front Bumper, Full Hood, Full Fenders, A Pillars and Roof Strip, Rocker Panels, Rear Bumper Impact Area, Side Mirrors, and Door Cups from road debris impact that will chip the paint.

Now that the XPEL Clear Bra is applied, this car can be driven and enjoyed with peace of mind and the comfort that the vulnerable areas of the finish are well protected. Check out the final shots!


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4211 South Natches Court,
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