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Upon release, the Tesla Model S was an utterly groundbreaking vehicle. Since then, the Model S has remained a staple of Tesla’s lineup, introducing new trims such as the Plaid and adding features like Auto-Pilot. This example, finished in Solid Black over a black leather interior, will be getting a whole new look and staying protected after receiving Full-Body XPEL Stealth Clear Bra, Ceramic Window Tint, and GYEON Ceramic Coatings.

A common question we get is “Why does my car need this?” Our first and foremost goal with any project is to enhance your ownership experience of a vehicle. If you can drive without any concerns regarding paint damage, it will generally be a more enjoyable driving experience.

Additionally, we are looking to retain the value of your vehicle over the long term. Teslas hold their value famously well, but rock chips, chemical damage from bird droppings or road debris, or other paint damage can harshly impact the value of a car. By protecting your vehicle from these potential hazards, your vehicle will retain more value for years to come.

Step 1: Decontamination Wash

Every project begins with some quality time in our wash bay. It’s highly important that we completely clean and decontaminate the entire vehicle to ensure that we won’t have any problems with dirty paint later on. Our wash process will always begin with a generous application of GYEON Q2M Iron and Q2M Foam. The foam physically pulls off much of the surface dirt and grime while the iron remover will chemically remove contaminants such as rail and brake dust.

Using the three-bucket method and GYEON Q2M Bathe, we’ll gently hand wash the car in order to safely clean the surface of the vehicle. Once that is rinsed off, it’s important to clay bar the paint to remove any remaining embedded contaminants. Let’s finish out the wash process with a touchless dry courtesy of BLO Car Dryers.

Gentle contact wash with Gyeon Bathe
Using a clay bar on the entire car

Step 2: Ceramic Window Tint

Now that this Model S is clean and decontaminated, we can move on to installing XPEL Automotive Window Tint. For improved looks, superior heat rejection, and reduced UV damage, we will be installing our Sides and Rear Ceramic Tint Package. Before we even touch the windows, we’ll use the XPEL Design Access Program to design and print the tint for each window.

Using a heat gun, the installer will place the tint on the outside of the window to shrink it to the correct size. Once we’re confident it is the correct size, the tint will go on the inside of the window and we can finish the installation using a slip solution and a squeegee.

Using a squeegee to install ceramic tint

Step 3: Stealth Paint Protection Film (PPF)

For absolute protection from almost anything on the road, this Model S is receiving Full-Body Coverage in XPEL Stealth. Stealth paint protection film is always a great option for those looking for complete protection as well as a whole new look to your vehicle.

Just like with tint, we’ll start by utilizing the XPEL Design Access Program to custom-design clear bra coverage for any vehicle. Within this program, we’re able to customize the pattern for each and every body panel, ensuring a seamless installation before we even touch the vehicle.

No stretching. No distortion. No blades near your paint.

This is especially important when working with Stealth PPF since it tends to show imperfections more clearly than gloss film.

Now that the clear bra is customized and printed, we can begin the installation. We spray XPEL installation gel directly onto the paint and the PPF is then laid on top. Using a squeegee, the gel is pushed out from underneath the film, adhering it to the surface of the vehicle.

Spraying slip solution on door
Entire car getting PPF installed

Step 4: Ceramic Coating

The final step in this Model S’ journey here at Denver Auto Shield will be a GYEON Ceramic Coating installation. This vehicle is receiving our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System. This is a remarkable, professional grade coating system that provides amazing durability, exceptional resistance from UV rays and chemical damage, and intense water behavior. It also makes the vehicle very easy to clean due to its ability to repel water.

Starting off this process, our professional detailers use GYEON Q2M WaterSpot to remove any remaining water spots from the slip solution and follow that with Q2M Prep which will remove any remaining grease or lubricants on the clear bra. Our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System includes GYEON Q2 Infinite Base Type 1 as the base layer and GYEON Q2 Infinite EVO TopCoat Type 1 as a second coat. This package also includes GYEON Q2 Rim and Q2 View on the wheels faces and windshield respectively.

Pouring ceramic coating onto applicator
Applying ceramic coating to front fender

This Tesla Model S is ready to take on the town with a whole new look and worry-free driving experience.

Entire finished car from front
Wide view of hood when finished
Entire finished car from front
Entire finished car side view

Are you ready to protect the car you care about? Give us a call today to discuss your project at 720-662-8520.

Jeff McEachran

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