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Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid in for our Full Body Protection Package in XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra and our Level 2 GYEON quartz Coatings Package in Denver

The 2018 Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid is a beautifully constructed car. It is huge in Porsche terms, but does not feel cumbersome when driving. The 2.9 liter twin turbo V6 produces 330 hp. When paired with the 136 hp from the electric motor you have access to 464 hp and 516 lb of torque. The interior is well designed and full of tech. The Panamera is a great year round option that is capable in all driving conditions. Given the ski rack that was planned for install after our process, we knew this Porsche would be well used. We made sure it was well protected with our Full Body Clear Bra Package using XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra and our Level 2 GYEON quartz Coating Package. Lets run through the process!

As always, each project begins with a thorough cleaning of every inch of the vehicle. We must ensure that we have a perfectly clean surface to work with. This is done through several chemical decontamination processes including GYEON Foam, Iron, Clay, and Bathe.

While the car is being decontaminated, we are also preparing the XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra for installation. Using the XPEL DAP Design Software we can custom design coverage for every car within the software, extending edges to wrap, deleting side markers, or any other custom coverage we want without using a blade to hand trim it over the new paint. By allowing the computer to perfectly cut our design we have an extremely uniform installation: perfect circles cut around parking sensors, perfect edges to body lines.  When each section of the car is designed and printed it is rolled up, labeled, and placed in the pile ready for install. When it is time to install the film we are just putting the puzzle together at that point. The film does not need adjusted. This leads to very clean installations.

On to the Clear Bra install!

Once the film is installed we allow it to sit overnight and dry. We want the slip solution used in the installation to permeate the film where we can put a dry look at the project and make sure we are 110% happy with the final result. Up next is the GYEON Quartz Coatings!

This project received our Level 2 GYEON quartz Coating service which includes Q2 DuraFlex, Q2 Rim, and Q2 View.

GYEON Q2 DuraFlex is a two part separate chemistry base coat/top coat system that is designed to last for 5 years, giving us real protection from UV degradation and chemical damage. We will see a huge increase in gloss and a highly repellent surface that makes regular maintenance washing very easy and fast.

GYEON quartz Q2 Rim was applied to the Wheel Faces, Barrels, and Brake Calipers for protection from salt and Mag Chloride during Winter and corrosive brake dust year round. The coating will also make this intricate wheel design very easy to clean.

GYEON quartz Q2 View is applied to the Windshield and is designed for high visibility during poor weather driving. Water will bead off the windshield effortlessly above 40 mph.

Once the coatings are installed this Porsche can be driven worry free of damage from road debris impact that causes rock chips and will stay looking great for years to come with the GYEON Quartz Coatings. This service is an investment in the enjoyment of your vehicle. No rock chips. The car always looks fantastic. And it is very easy to clean. Simple. Check out the final shots!


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