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Porsche Macan GTS gets Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating and Tint

Crossovers unfortunately tend to get a lot of criticism from car enthusiasts. The reasons for this vary depending on who you ask. From looks to performance, it seems like everyone has an opinion on small SUVs, but when you see a car as beautiful as this Porsche Macan GTS, it’s hard not to love it. This example, finished in Papaya Metallic, will be getting protected with Driver’s Package Clear Bra, Ceramic Window Tint, and our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System.

Step 1: Decontamination Wash

This Macan will start out in our wash bay where we will give this beautiful Porsche paint a complete decontamination wash. This starts with a heavy application of an iron remover and snow foam. The iron remover neutralizes many of the chemical contaminants including brake and rail dust from transporting the vehicle. On the other hand, the snow foam pulls off many of the surface contaminants which could scratch the paint during a contact wash.

We always use the three-bucket method when washing a vehicle, significantly reducing the chances of adding light scratches to the vehicle’s finish.

To remove any remaining embedded contaminants, we’ll move around the vehicle with a clay bar. This step also exfoliates the paint, giving us an almost perfect surface to apply clear bra on.

To finish up, we’ll use a BLO Car Dryer to completely dry the vehicle. We opt for a touchless dry to avoid re-introducing any contaminants or lint back onto the car.

Step 2: Ceramic Window Tint

This Macan will now move across the shop to our tint area where it will receive our Two Fronts Tint Package. This is a great option for those whose new car came with factory tint on the rear windows. We use a specialized computer program to custom design and print tint patterns for each window.

Once we have our tint printed, we spray a slip solution onto the windows and lay the tint on top. Using specialized squeegees, we push the slip solution out from underneath the tint, allowing the adhesive to stick to the windows.

Installing ceramic window tint on the driver's side window

Step 3: Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Now that all four windows have matching tint, the vehicle is ready for paint protection film. The owner of this Macan GTS opted for our Driver’s Package which protects your vehicle in all of the high-impact areas.

Using the same computer program, we’ll design and print clear bra patterns for each body panel. Since these patterns are completely customizable, we’re able to adjust them for cameras, sensors, or other small details. This ensures a seamless install before we even touch the car.

Plotter used to print paint protection film patterns

The process of installing clear bra is somewhat similar to tint in that we spray a slip solution onto the vehicle, lay the film on top, and push the solution out with a squeegee. Where clear bra is very different is that body panels are generally much more sculpted than a window. Because of this, our installers have to very carefully place the film on the panel and pay constant attention to make sure that everything is placed correctly and every edge is aligned.

When all of the paint protection film is installed, we’ll let the car sit overnight to allow the film to set. The next morning, we’ll walk around the car, double-checking for any air pockets or unwrapped edges.

Removing slip solution during the paint protection film process
Porsche Macan GTS receiving our Driver's Package

Step 4: Ceramic Coating

Once we’re 100% happy with the clear bra installation, our detailers will take over on this Macan in order to do a paint correction and apply a ceramic coating. It will be receiving our top-of-the-line coating system: The Level 2 Package. This professional grade package includes two layers of coating on all painted surfaces as well as wheel and glass-specific coatings.

The Level 2 System will provide the highest level of resistance to UV rays/chemical damage from things like road salt and bird droppings as well as providing the easiest cleaning and most intense hydrophobic properties.

It’s crucial that our professional detailers do a paint correction before applying a ceramic coating. Much of the increased gloss you get from a ceramic coating actually comes from the paint correction on a car’s paint. By smoothing out the top layer of paint, we remove many of the water spots, scratches and swirls and are able to achieve that glass-like look from the paint.

Correcting the paint before we install the ceramic coatings

Once we’re done correcting everything that isn’t covered by PPF, we’ll wipe down the entire vehicle in a surface prep solution, removing any remaining lubricants or grease and allowing the coating to have the best possible surface to bond to.

It’s time to start coating! We’ll pour our ceramic coating onto a specialized applicator and spread it onto one body panel at a time. For removal, we start with a short-fiber towel to remove the majority of the excess from the paint then follow that with a long-fiber towel which is able to get deeper into the paint and remove the rest of the excess. It’s important to work one panel at a time as to not let the coating dwell on the paint for too long.

Ceramic coating beads on the automotive's paint

We’ll finish up this detail by wiping down the interior, vacuuming the carpets, and applying a tire dressing.

Whether it’s a daily drive or a mountain cruise, this Macan GTS is now protected and ready to hit the streets! Check out that insane gloss!

The Porsche Macan is now complete with Clear Bra, Ceramic Window Tint, and Ceramic Coatings
This paint has never looked better thanks to Denver Auto Shield

If you’re interested in protecting your automotive investment, please feel free to give us a call at 720-662-8520 or an email at

Jeff McEachran

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