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McLaren 570S in for XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra in Denver Colorado

With the addition of the Mike Ward McLaren dealership, we are seeing an awesome community of McLaren enthusiasts sprout up here in Denver. The cars are absolutely fantastic, and we are privileged to see many of them through our facility for their Paint Protection needs. As usual, we went with our XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra. XPEL ULTIMATE is an 8.5 mm thick optically clear urethane that when applied to the vehicles paint, will absorb the impact from road debris and keep it from causing rock chips and permanent damage. This 570S received our Driver’s Package which protects the Front Bumper, Headlamps and Fog Lamps, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Rocker Panels, Lower Doors, Rear Bumper Impact Area, Side Mirrors, and Door Cups from damage. So how do we do it?

Each project begins with a thorough decontamination of each and every surface of the vehicle. Not only do we want a pure bond between the paint and the films adhesive, but we also need to ensure that no loose contaminant from other areas of the vehicle migrates in to our working area. We do this through several washes using GYEON quartz Foam and Bathe, as well as our Clay Bar and Iron Decontamination process.

While the vehicle is being cleaned and prepped for Clear Bra, the Clear Bra itself is also being prepared. We utilize the XPEL DAP Design Software to custom fit the coverage for each and every car we work on. The software offers us perfectly scanned templates in which to start with. We then go in and manipulate those templates to extend edges, delete side markers, extend in to headlight surrounds, or any other custom design of the pattern that will allow us to hide as many edges of the film as possible. The Graphtec Plotter allows us to do this before the film every touches the car, ensuring complete uniformity in the design as well as that no razor blade is used over your new paint to “hand trim” in the patterns where the paint can be damaged.

Now on to the Clear Bra installation!

Once the Clear Bra is installed, this 570S is ready for everything the Denver roads have to throw at it…..literally. The investment in protecting the cars paint is an investment in enjoying the vehicle. You can get in and drive it hard without the worry of damage to the paint, that unfortunately here in Colorado is almost guaranteed given the road conditions. Check out the final shots!

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