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Huracan Technica Protected with PPF and Ceramic Coatings

Among the dozens of car brands on the market right now, few have a design language as recognizable as Lamborghini. With sharp lines and striking aerodynamics, you know a Lamborghini when you see one. This Huracan Technica is no exception to that rule. 

Finished in stunning Bronzo Zante over white leather, this car came into the studio for complete protection. This includes Full-Body Paint Protection Film, our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System and Sides and Rear Ceramic Window Tint.

Step 1: Decontamination Wash

Before we can get started on any kind of protection, we must do a complete decontamination wash on the vehicle. We’ll get started with a generous application of Gyeon Q2M Iron and Q2M Foam. These two products are essential as the iron remover removes any chemical contaminants such as metal filaments or rail dust and the foam removes large particles of dirt and debris, allowing us to perform a contact wash safely. 

Foam Resting on car

From here, we’ll continue by doing a contact wash. Here at Denver Auto Shield, we only use the three-bucket method when doing a decon wash. This is a common practice in car detailing as it almost completely eliminates scratching or swirling during the wash. In both our Wash and Wheels bucket, we will use Gyeon Q2M Bathe which is a highly effective and slick wash soap. 

Washing A Pillar with wash mitt

For those stubborn embedded contaminants, we must clay bar the entire vehicle using Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube. Without any embedded debris, it will make applying PPF and Ceramic Coatings much easier. Finally, we will use a Blo Car Dryer to touchlessly dry the vehicle without introducing any lint onto the paint.

Step 2: Ceramic Window Tint

This client wanted some privacy so chose to go for our Sides and Rear Ceramic Tint Package. Ceramic tint is an exceptional solution for car owners looking for extreme heat rejection and protection from harmful UV rays. Along with the added privacy, these benefits mean a cooler cabin during the warmer months and interior protection from sun damage. 

Before we start installing, we use a specialized computer program and a plotter to design and print custom patterns specifically for each window. Once the tint is printed, the installer will spray a slip solution onto the surface before laying the tint on the inside of the window. Using a variety of squeegees, the slip solution will get pushed out from underneath the tint, allowing it to adhere to the window. 

Laying tint on window

Step 3: Paint Protection Film (PPF)

We are installing Full-Body Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra or PPF) for maximum protection on this unique color. For anyone looking for complete, long-term protection from road debris, rock chips, bird droppings, scratches or swirls, this is the perfect package. With every painted surface covered in PPF, your vehicle can stay protected from almost anything the road throws at it. 

Following a similar process to installing ceramic tint, we’ll start by printing patterns for each body panel. These patterns are custom-designed for each car and panel, allowing us to account for cameras, parking sensors or aesthetic factory options such as carbon accents. 

With our patterns designed and printed, we’re able to start the installation. Similar to our process for tinting, we’ll spray the panel with a slip solution and carefully lay the film on the vehicle. After securing anchor points and ensuring that everything is properly aligned, the film will get anchored to the panel with a squeegee. 

Using the same process, we’ll work our way around the car until every surface is covered in PPF. Once we finish, we’ll let the car sit for 12-24 hours, allowing any moisture to evaporate and adhesive to set. When we come back to the vehicle, we thoroughly inspect it, addressing any air or moisture pockets or unwrapped edges. 

Installing PPF on front bumper
Protecting rocker panel with PPF

Step 4: Ceramic Coating

For its final service, this Huracan Technica will land under our light booth for ceramic coating. This client opted for our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System. This is our highest-end coating package, complete with high-quality ceramic coatings on your paint, wheels and glass. 

Ceramic coatings are an effective solution for protecting your vehicle from UV rays, chemical damage and even water spotting under the right conditions. Coatings also make washing your car much easier since they have hydrophobic properties. More specifically, they repel water, meaning that dirt and debris will wash off with ease.  

Since this car has Full-Body PPF, there’s no need to do a paint correction, so we can jump straight into the prep work. This includes a complete wipe-down in Gyeon Q2M Prep and Q2M WaterSpot. These two products are excellent at removing water spots and any remaining lubricants or grease. 

Now that we have a prepared surface, we’re free to begin applying a ceramic coating. Using a microfiber applicator, we will spread the coating onto the vehicle, one panel at a time. We only apply the coating in linear movements to ensure that we are leaving no surface uncoated. After we’ve applied the coating, we use both a long-fiber and short-fiber microfiber towel to remove any excess. 

Ceramic Coating rear hatch

For the wheels and windshield, we will use different types of ceramic coatings. Both of these surfaces have dedicated coating that we will use to make sure that you’re getting maximum protection on every surface. 

Finally, we will vacuum the vehicle and wipe down all interior surfaces and this Lamborghini Huracan Technica is ready for delivery. This color turned out better than we could have imagined!

Finished car sitting in light gooth
Interior on finished vehicle
Jeff McEachran

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