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Full Body XPEL Clear Bra and GYEON quartz Coatings for this McLaren 570S Spider in Denver

We are extremely excited that Denver now has a formal McLaren Dealership and the support for the cars that comes with it! The local McLaren community is growing quickly and we are fortunate enough to spend time with many of the new examples and their owners. This 570S Spider was brought to us for our Full Body Protection Package in XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra as well as our GYEON quartz Protective Coatings applied to the Body and Wheels. This combination of protective products will ensure that the 570S stays looking brand new for years to come. Most importantly, it allows the owners to drive the car without any worry of damaging the finish during use. There is nothing worse than a fun drive through the canyons and hearing a rock bounce off the hood, knowing in your stomach that the paint has just been damaged. If we can eliminate that feeling then we can increase the fun of driving the car, and that is what we are here to do. So how do we do it?

Each project begins with a complete cleaning and decontamination of every surface of the car. We want a pure bond between the Clear Bra adhesive and the paint. We do this through several washes, our Clay Bar treatment, and our Iron Decontamination treatment which removes all of the above and below surface bonded contaminants from the paint.

While the vehicle is being cleaned, we are also preparing the Clear Bra for installation. We utilize the XPEL DAP Software where we can custom design the coverage for each and every car. DAP is essentially a Computer Aided Design (CAD) style program where we have a database of perfectly scanned patterns for each section of the car. We can then go in and extend edges, delete side markers, add curves or lines, and anything else we want to do to customize the coverage for the most protection and to be able to hide the edges of the film as much as possible. By using the design system we do not have to dangerously hand trim film over complex curves and potentially damage the brand new paint. This also creates an extremely uniform installation where every body line matches perfectly, parking sensors have a perfect circle cut around them, and other intricacies that keep the human eye from noticing irregularities are perfect.

Once an area of coverage is ready it is rolled up, labeled, and put in the installation pile. By the time we are physically touching the car all prep is done and coverage designed so that film is being laid down one time for a very clean and invisible install.

While the 570S is on the lift we pull off all 4 wheels to protect them with GYEON quartz Q2 Rim. Q2 Rim is a Quartz Coating that is designed specifically for areas that will see high temperatures. The coating will provide at least a years worth of protection, keep brake dust from corroding the finish, and make cleaning the intricate wheel design much easier. It also puts a fantastic gloss on the wheels.

When the wheels are complete and back on the car, we move on to the GYEON quartz Coating designed for the Body. This Quartz Coating will last 2-3 years, deliver a ton of gloss, and provide real world protection from UV and environmental decontamination.

Once the Quartz Coating is complete this 570S is ready for the road! This car can now be driven full out and worry free of any damage to the paints finish under regular use. It will look brand new for years to come and be extremely easy to wash and maintain. Check out the final shots!

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