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Exactly How Does Clear Bra Protect Your Paint?

As Colorado car enthusiasts, we are all well aware that we need clear bra, or paint protection film, to protect our paint from road debris impact that causes rock chips. One canyon run with a group of friends, on a contaminated road, and the guy behind you is toast. The paint is chipped. The windshield is pitted. While our roads are a blast to drive, they are very dirty.

So how exactly does clear bra work?

Modern day paint protection films are a dual layered urethane. We have an adhesive layer that attaches to the paint, a core layer of urethane that handles the bulk of the impact protection duties. And a specially designed top coat of urethane that is relatively thin, but handles the gloss and self-healing properties.

The primary function of clear bra is to protect the underlying paint from accumulating rock chips. It does this by absorbing the impact of road debris, dispersing that impact within the soft layers of urethane, and preventing the force of the impact from chipping and permanently damaging the paint. The film is able to perform this task surprisingly well.

Now there are also additional benefits to paint protection film that are rarely talked about.

The first is the fact that the film itself will not accumulate the dreaded swirl marks from regular washing that your paint will over time. The urethane construction will not scratch in the same way as paint. Modern clear bra also uses a self-healing top coat, that with exposure to a bit of heat will self-heal and correct the minor scratches from washing on its own. You can speed up this process with a bit of hot water or a heat gun if you encounter some spot defects in the film.

Clear Bra also has UV inhibitors built in to the film itself. This means that the clear coat underneath the film will not oxidize and discolor due to exposure to UV rays which is a real issue here in Colorado.

Paint Protection Film has come a very long way in the last 5-10 years, and we see it as a major factor in being able to drive the car you care about with confidence. Knowing the finish is well protected has a direct impact on how much fun you have in the car. Check out our coverage options HERE and lets chat about how to get you having more fun in your car by protecting the paint!


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