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Dodge Demon in for its XPEL Clear Bra and GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating in Denver

Positioned as the “fastest production car from 0-100 mph”, the Dodge Demon is sure to be a blast to drive. The 6.2 liter supercharged Hemi V8 pushes out 840 hp on race gas and gets to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. With spirited driving being the only driving this car is designed for, we made sure the paint and other surfaces were looking their best and well protected. This Demon received our Driver’s Package in XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra as well as Ceramic Coatings from GYEON quartz.

Each project starts with a thorough decontamination and cleaning of every surface of the car. The initial wash and decon is an extremely important step, often taking several hours. We want all existing waxes or sealants removed so that we have a pure bond between the paint and the clear bra or ceramic coatings. We also need to make sure the car is free of all loose dirt that could migrate in to the clear bra installation area. The Iron chemical decontamination and the Clay Bar process ensure that all above and below surface bonded contaminants are removed from the paint.

Once the paint is clean we can evaluate its condition, identifying any and all defects that need removed through our Paint Correction process prior to installing long term protection. This Demon had several large factory sanding areas, where a blemish was fixed through sanding but the area not finished down with fine polishing.  The paint also showed signs of poor wipe down methods and a few careless washes, leaving very uniform light to medium level swirl marks. These defects are fixed with the Rupes Bigfoot Polishing system and different levels of compounds and polishes.

The “hazy” circle below is a sanding mark that measures roughly 6 inches in diameter.

The same area below corrected and polished.

The below uniform defects are introduced through poor wash technique at the dealership and a few “wipe downs” in the showroom.

The same area below corrected and polished.

Once the paint work is in shape we move on to protection. We use the XPEL DAP Design Software to pre design and customize coverage for every car. We have perfectly scanned patterns of each panel of the car that we then customize to wrap edges and hide the film wherever possible. This is all done safely, keeping a razor blade off of the new paint where no damage can be incurred. Using the computer software and Graphtec Plotter also creates perfect uniformity in the shape of the coverage. For example, parking sensors have perfect circles cut around them or perfectly matched edges to body lines where they must exist. It is this uniformity that keeps the human eye from picking up the film and leads to nearly invisible installations.

On to the Clear Bra installation!

Once the Clear Bra is installed it is time to apply the GYEON quartz Ceramic Coatings. For the Satin finished wheels on the Demon we chose GYEON quartz Q2 Matte which is specifically designed for matte and satin finishes. It will provide the protection and ease of maintenance we want, without adding any gloss.

The paint received a healthy dose of GYEON quartz Q2 MOHS which will offer years of protection from UV and environmental damage, tons of gloss, and very simple wash maintenance.

The Windshield then received GYEON quartz Q2 VIEW for increased visibility in poor weather. VIEW is extremely hydrophobic and will evacuate rain from the windshield very easily.

Once the coatings are installed, this Demon is prepared for everything the Denver Colorado roads have to throw at it. The paint is protected from rock chips and road debris impact with the Clear Bra while the whole car is wearing Ceramic Coatings that will offer long term real world protection from environmental damage. Enjoy the final shots!

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