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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Gets Well Protected with XPEL Clear Bra and GYEON quartz Ceramic Coatings

The 2019 Corvette ZR1 is a complete monster. With 755 hp and 715 ft lbs of torque it is borderline irresponsible to sell it off the dealership floor to anyone with the $120k or so. But if you are going to buy it an rip around town beating up on other cars that think they’re fast, then we better protect the paint. Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings to the rescue.

Step one in our shop is always a deep cleaning and decontamination of every surface of the vehicle. We do this chemically with GYEON quartz Q2M Iron to remove any below surface contaminant, mainly rail dust and metal filaments that get in to the pores of the paint during shipping and transport. These filaments can create rust pockets and degrade the paint. We also clay bar the paint to further exfoliate and remove any above surface bonded contaminant. We want perfectly clean paint before we move on to the next stage of the project.

Once we have the car perfectly clean, we can address any existing defects in the paint. We do this through a careful polishing process that will remove the defects in the clear coat and present the most color, gloss, and clarity possible before applying long term protection.

Once the paint is perfect, we get on with installing the XPEL Clear Bra. This ZR1 is receiving our Full Body Coverage in Paint Protection Film which will protects the finish from scratches, bug guts, bird droppings, and road debris impact that causes rock chips. The Full Body Clear Bra Coverage is the complete worry free driving experience. Get in the car and drive it where and how you please without the worry of damaging the finish.

We use the XPEL DAP Design Software to custom design the coverage for every vehicle. We can wrap edges, extend coverage, delete side markers, or anything else that we want to do to extend and hide the film within the software and print it perfectly without ever a blade touching the brand new paint. This ensures safety of install and produces a near invisible finish as edges are perfectly straight, parking sensors are perfectly round, and the film is not stretched or distorted.

Once the large upper areas are installed, the ZR1 goes up on the lift so we can access the tricky lower sections of this car. Once the front end is complete it is typically smooth sailing.

Once the film install is complete, we will let the car sit over night to allow the slip solution to dry and permeate through the film. We walk around the car for 40 mins the next morning checking all edges and corners to make sure the film is set and happy. From there, we move on to the Ceramic Coatings.

GYEON quartz Q2 Pure works exceptionally well over Paint Protection Film. It will provide several years of gloss, protection from the elements, intense water beading, and easy wash maintenance.

We have a dedicated Ceramic Coating room where we use a specific light temperature designed to show us what we are applying topically to the surface. This room also has a dedicated AC unit where we can crank it down to 60 degrees and zap all the humidity which plays a huge role in how the coating bonds to the surface.

Once the body is sorted, we move on to coating the Wheels with GYEON quartz Q2 RIM. This will make wash maintenance fast and easy, especially on an intricate design. It will also protect from brake dust and high temperature negatively effecting the finish.

And that is it! This ZR1 is now ready to see the world, well protected from the harsh environment and ready to be enjoyed. Check out the final shots!


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