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C7 Corvette ZO6 in for its XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra and GYEON quartz Coatings

Cooling issues aside, the C7 Corvette ZO6 is one heck of a car. The 6.2 Liter, supercharged, V8 named the LT4 pushes out a very healthy 650 hp. The owner of this example uses it as both a street car as well as a track toy, so we made sure the surfaces were well protected and looking their best. This ZO6 received our Driver’s Package in XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra which will protect the Front Bumper, Headlamps, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Rocker Panels, Lower Door, Rear Bumper Impact Area, Side Mirrors, and Door cups from rock chips and road debris impact. We also applied our Level 2 Coating Package which includes GYEON quartz Q2 DuraFlex to the paint and body for 5+ years of gloss and protection, the Wheel Faces coated in GYEON Q2 Rim for protection from brake dust and easy maintenance, and the Windshield coated in GYEON Q2 View for high visibility in poor weather driving conditions. So where do we start?

Every project begins with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of every surface of the car. This gives us a perfectly clean surface to work with. Keeping both the car and the working environment very clean is of extreme importance.

Once the vehicle is clean, we can evaluate the paints condition and correct any defects with the RUPES Bigfoot Polishing System. We ensure that we are protecting well prepared paint with the Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating. The polishing stage also brings the most color, depth, and clarity out of the paints finish.

While the ZO6 is being washed, we are also preparing and custom designing the coverage for the vehicle. We use the XPEL DAP Design Software and the Grapthec 60″ Plotter to pre design and pre print the coverage for each vehicle. DAP is basically a CAD program where we can completely manipulate the perfectly scanned patterns for the factory panels and extend edges, delete side markers, or anything else we would want to do to hide every edge of the film possible and ensure a safe and uniform installation. Time to install the Clear Bra!

Once the Clear Bra is in place we can move on to the Coatings! GYEON Q2 DuraFlex is the latest offering from GYEON quartz. It is rated at 5+ years of performance with proper maintenance, looks fantastic, and offers real protection from UV and environmental damage while making regular wash maintenance very fast and easy. DuraFlex is a 2 part separate base coat/top coat chemistry system. Q2 Base is used as the base layer and gives us our long term bond to the paint as well as the majority of our UV protection. Q2 Flexi delivers a very unique gloss, an additional layer of protection, and a uniquely slick surface.

The chrome wheels are also protected in GYEON quartz Q2 Rim for easy wash maintenance and protection from brake dust and other road contaminants.

Check out the final shots!


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