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BMW X5 M50i Finished with PPF and Ceramic Coatings

For most, when you think about mid-size luxury SUV’s you probably think about the BMW X5, Audi Q8 and Mercedes GLE-Class. With the emergence of M-variants of BMW’s iconic X5, it has become a very attractive option for those in the Luxury SUV market. 

Take, for example, this BMW X5 M50i, finished in Mineral White Metallic. This client wanted complete protection so decided to go with the Denver Auto Shield Works, featuring Full-Front Paint Protection Film (PPF), and our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System.

Step 1: Decontamination Wash

Our time with this X5 M50i started with a thorough 2-hour decontamination wash. To start, we’ll clean the wheels with Gyeon Q2M Iron Wheel Cleaner and various brushes. We also soak every inch of this vehicle with Gyeon Q2M Iron and Q2M Foam. This removes much of the surface contamination, both physical and chemical, so that we can safely move onto the contact wash. 

Snow foam resting on car

A gentle contact wash with the three-bucket method and Q2M Bathe, accompanied by a clay bar using Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube, ensures a perfectly clean vehicle. To finish out the wash, we utilized a BLO Car Dryer for a spotless, decontaminated car.

Wash Soap and Wash buckets in front of vehicle

Step 2: Paint Protection Film

With the decon. wash complete, it was time to start the clear bra installation process on this X5. Here, it received Full-Front Paint Protection Film (PPF). This is a basic but robust package that can protect your car from a host of potential hazards, including road debris, rock chips, swirl marks and even those annoying bird droppings. 

Much like the tinting process, we used a specialized computer program to create custom film patterns for every panel of the vehicle. This ensured a professional-grade installation every time. The process involved spraying a slip solution on the paint and then carefully placing the clear bra on top. Our installers use a squeegee to work out any slip solution from under the film and ensure a perfect bond between the film and the paint.

Once the entire car was wrapped in PPF, we allowed it to rest for 12-24 hours. During this time, our technicians conducted a thorough inspection, addressing any loose edges, trapped moisture, or lingering air pockets. Once the installers are completely happy with the finished product, it’s time for the X5 to receive a ceramic coating.

Laying PPF onto hood
Using a squeegee on hood of vehicle

Step 3: Ceramic Coating

The final touch for this BMW X5 M50i was done by our professional detailers, where it received the ultimate coating package: our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System. This is our highest-end coating system and includes two layers of professional-grade coating for all painted surfaces, a high-quality glass coating for the windshield, and a specialized ceramic coating for the wheels. 

These coatings are semi-permanent and offer hydrophobic properties that repel water and protect against UV rays, and chemical damage. Because they repel water, it will also be much easier to wash your car. Especially when combined with PPF, it’s one of the best ways to safeguard your car’s paint.

Before applying the coating, it’s important that we do a paint correction on any exposed paint to smooth out the paint and remove any imperfections. We then wiped the entire car with Gyeon Q2M WaterSpot to eliminate any remaining water spots from the clear bra installation. This was followed by a thorough application of Q2M Prep to remove any lingering lubricants or contaminants.

Paint correcting door of vehicle

Applying the ceramic coating is a very meticulous process. We poured the coating onto a specialized applicator and applied it to the car panel by panel. After letting it bond with the paint for 15-30 seconds, we removed the excess in two steps. First, a short-fiber towel took care of the majority, followed by a long-fiber towel to ensure every last bit of excess coating was gone.

Applying ceramic coating on rear quarter panel
Ceramic coating over 'M50i' badge

After we vacuumed the interior and wiped down all interior surfaces, this BMW X5 M50i is ready for delivery. Like always, we’re very happy with how this project turned out. 

Finished car under light booth

If you’re interested in protecting your automotive investment or just want to chat about protecting your vehicle, please feel free to give us a call at 720-662-8520 or an email at

Jeff McEachran

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