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BMW M3 receives Window Tint, Clear Bra, and Ceramic Coating

The legendary BMW M3 platform has finally reached its latest generation, the G80. With its redesigned grille, an all-new M XDrive System, and a blistering 3.4 second 0-60, we were beyond excited to protect this stunning example finished in Toronto Red Metallic over a Silverstone leather interior. It will be receiving XPEL Ceramic Window Tint, Full-Body Clear Bra coverage, and GYEON Ceramic Coatings.

Finished M3 with client

Step 1: Decontamination Wash

Before we get started on any kind of protection, it’s crucial that we deep clean and completely decontaminate all surfaces on the vehicle. The decontamination wash will always begin with a liberal application of GYEON Q2M Iron and Q2M Foam to remove those below-surface contaminants including but not limited to rail dust, brake dust, and metal filaments from transport.

From here, we’ll use the three-bucket method and GYEON Q2M Bathe to safely clean both the paint and the wheels. We also clay bar the entire vehicle to further remove any above-surface contaminants and exfoliate the paint. To finish up our wash process we’ll dry the car with a BLO Car Dryer to avoid re-introducing any foreign matter back onto the paint.

Step 2: Paint Protection Film

Now that we have a completely clean and decontaminated vehicle, we’ll begin installing XPEL Paint Protection Film. This M3 is receiving our most complete protection package: Full-Body Coverage. This will ensure that the owner never has to worry about road debris, rock chips, bird droppings or swirl marks on the paint. As mentioned above, this is our most complete protection package, guaranteeing a complete worry-free driving experience no matter the road conditions.

To make sure that a blade never comes anywhere near your brand-new paint, we utilize the XPEL DAP Design Software to custom design clear bra coverage for any vehicle. Within the DAP, we can customize the pattern for each body panel to guarantee a seamless installation before we even touch the vehicle.

Because we have complete control over the patterns, the film will never be stretched or distorted nor will there be any inconsistencies in cutouts for sensors or cameras. At this point, we will also remove any badges that could interfere with a seamless installation.

Once all the clear bra is printed, we can begin the installation. XPEL Installation Gel is sprayed onto the body panel then the film is laid down. We use a squeegee to push the gel out from underneath the film and adhere the PPF to the surface of the vehicle.

Placing clear bra on hood
Applying clear bra with squeegee
Applying PPF on trunk lid

Now that the clear bra is installed, this M3 will sit overnight to allow the installation gel to dry and allow the film to set. The next morning, we spent some quality time with the vehicle, making sure that all the edges are wrapped and there are no air pockets.

Step 3: Ceramic Window Tint

For superior heat rejection, improved looks, and reduced UV damage, this M3 is receiving our Sides and Rear Tint Package. Before we start tinting the windows, we’ll use the same XPEL DAP Software to design and print the tint for each of the windows.

Using a heat gun, we place the printed tint on the outside of the window to shrink the film to the size of the window. Then we’ll use a squeegee to clean the inside of the window to ensure a clean surface to apply the tint.

Spraying slip solution onto window tint
Using a squeegee to install tint

Step 4: Ceramic Coating

This M3 is now tinted and protected top to bottom in PPF, so it’s time for our professional detailers to apply a ceramic coating. We use GYEON Q2M WaterSpot to remove any water spots remaining from the clear bra installation gel and follow that up with Q2M Prep, an alcohol-based solution, to get rid of any grease or lubricants left behind on the film.

We’ll be coating this M3 with our Level 2 Ceramic Coating package which includes GYEON Q2 Infinite Base Type 1 as the first coat and GYEON Q2 Infinite EVO TopCoat Type 1. This is a professional grade coating package that provides complete chemical protection, intense hydrophobic properties, easy cleaning and protection from harmful UV rays. Even the wheel faces and windshield will get coated in Q2 Rim and Q2 View respectively, ensuring total protection and ease of cleaning.

Pouring ceramic coating onto an applicator
Applying ceramic coating to the rear door
Removing ceramic coating from the trunk

This G80 M3 is now protected top to bottom and ready to go on its first Colorado Mountain Cruise!

Entire finished car from front
Entire finished car from rear
Silverstone leather seats
Entire finished car straight on

Are you ready to protect the car you care about? Or want to know about how our services protect your vehicle? Give us a call today to discuss your project at 720-662-8520.

Jeff McEachran

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