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Audi S6 in for XPEL Clear Bra and GYEON quartz Coatings in Denver

The 2018 Audi S6 is a Sport Sedan in every sense of the term. The 4 Liter V8 pushes out 450 hp and 406 ft/lbs of torque making this a comfortable ride that gets up and goes when you need it to. So that this S6 can be fully enjoyed here in Colorado, we made sure the exterior surfaces were looking their best, well protected, and easy to maintain. For this project we went with our Driver’s Package in XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra which will protect  the Front Bumper, Headlamps and Fog Lamps, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Rocker Panels, Lower Doors, Side Mirrors, and Rear Bumper Impact Area from road debris that causes rock chips. We also included our Level 2 GYEON quartz Coating Package which includes Q2 DuraFlex on the Paint and Film, Q2 Rim on the Wheels Faces, and Q2 View on the windshield. The Quartz Coatings will offer real protection from UV and environmental damage for years to come. So how do we do it?

Step 1 is always to decontaminate and clean every inch of the vehicle. We want a perfectly clean surface to work on for both the Clear Bra installation as well as the Quartz Coatings. This includes several washes, Iron decon, and our Clay Bar treatment.

While the vehicle is being cleaned, we are also preparing the Clear Bra for installation. XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra is an 8.5 mm optically clear, dual layer urethane film that will absorb the impact of road debris and prevent it from permanently damaging the paint. We utilize the XPEL DAP design software to custom design each area of coverage for the car, extending edges to wrap as well as any other adjustments we want to make to the layout to better hide the film and reduce edges. This is the absolute safest way to design coverage, without using a blade by hand over the complex curves of the car. It also guarantees an extremely uniform installation, where exactly what is done to the driver’s side is done to the passengers side so that the human eye does not pick up any inconsistency.

Once the film coverage is prepared, we evaluate the paints condition and correct any existing defects that may have been induced during transport or at the dealership. By removing the defects in the paints clear coat we allow a uninterrupted transfer of light where the most color, depth, and gloss can be experienced from the paints finish.

On to the installation! We keep an extremely clean working environment to ensure a beautiful install.

When the Clear Bra installation is complete, we can move on to the GYEON quartz Coatings. Our Level 2 Coating Package is designed to be a complete exterior protection package. While the Clear Bra gives us our impact resistance and protection from Rock Chips, the Quartz Coatings protect from everything else. They offer long term protection measured in years and not months as we would see out of a sealant or wax. They are chemically capable of protecting from UV damage and environmental damage like water spots and bird droppings, giving the owner more time to remove the contaminant before it etches in to the surface. We apply Q2 DuraFlex to the paint and film, which is a 5 year warranted product that delivers a ton of gloss and protection while making regular maintenance washing very easy. We apply Q2  Matte to the matte finished wheel faces in this project, which will protect from mag chloride and other road contaminants in the winter and brake dust and high temps in the spring and summer. Q2 View gets applied to the windshield which is extremely hydrophobic and allows for better visibility in poor weather conditions.

Now that the coatings are installed, we can check out the final shots!

This car can now be driven worry free of road debris damage with very easy wash maintenance. Our goal with any project is to contribute to the experience of ownership. If the paint is well protected and you aren’t worried about damage, you are going to have more fun in the car. When it is fast and easy to clean then the car will stay looking like new years in to ownership, as the surfaces are repelling contaminant and well protected from degradation.

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