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XPEL Clear Bra, Full Paint Correction, and GYEON quartz Coatings for this Porsche 997 Turbo S in Denver

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The Porsche 911 997 is one of my favorite cars. It has a fantastic mix of classic Porsche styling with just a touch of modern. With a twin turbocharged flat six, making 470 horsepower it is one of the all time driver’s cars! In order for it to be enjoyed at it’s maximum potential, we needed to make sure the paint and other surfaces were looking their best and well protected.  So how do we do it?

Each project starts with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of every inch of the car. This gives us a perfectly clean surface to work with and also ensures that no loose contaminant migrates in to our install area during the Clear Bra application. We use GYEON quartz Foam, Bathe, Iron, Tar, and Clay Bar to remove all above and below surface bonded contaminants.

This Turbo S needed a bit of old and funky Clear Bra removed and replaced. Removing aged Clear Bra is a slow process using heat to separate the adhesive cleanly from the paint. The existing coverage also left much to be desired in cleanliness of install and function.


The existing Clear Bra coverage only protected part of the Hood and Fenders. We found many rock chips above the partial coverage area that we were able to fill and repair.

After the Clear Bra is removed and the entire car clean and prepped, we move on to the Paint Correction stage. Our refinement polishing process will remove all of the paints defects that bend and refract the light as it tries to move through the paint system. When these defects are corrected and the clear coat in perfect shape, it allows a clean transfer of light and an incredible rejuvenation in terms of color and gloss.

Now that the paint is in proper shape, we can move on to the Clear Bra installation. This 997 Turbo S received our Full Front Protection Package in XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra. This protects the Front Bumper, Headlamps and Fog Lamps, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Side Mirrors, and Door Cups from damaging road debris that causes Rock Chips. XPEL ULTIMATE is an 8.5 mm thick dual layer urethane that will absorb the impact from road debris and perfectly preserve your factory paint from damage. On the 997 911 we remove the Headlamps as well as the Hood Emblem to tuck and hide as many edges as possible for a very clean final look. 

After the Clear Bra is installed, we pulled all 4 wheels off the car so they could be deep cleaned and coated in GYEON quartz Q2 Rim. This Wheel specific coating formulation will protect the wheels from mag chloride, excessive brake dust, and other harmful contaminants as well as making regular cleaning very fast and simple. The purple color you see here is the GYEON quartz Q2M Iron removing all of the embeded ferrous particles from the painted wheels. 

Once the wheels are back on the car, we move on to Coating the body and Clear Bra with GYEON quartz Q2 Mohs Ceramic Coating. Q2 Mohs delivers a ton of gloss, long term durability measured in years and not months, as well as real world protection from harmful UV and environmental damage to keep the finish in it’s absolute best shape.

Now that this entire car has been enhanced and protected, it can be driven as it was designed to be without the worry of damage from Denver’s rough road conditions. Check out the final shots!


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