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What Is Ceramic Window Tint?

The sun can be incredibly damaging for cars and drivers. Its UV radiation is powerful enough to cause interior damage to a vehicle and it can also create glare for drivers and passengers. Tinting your car not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of your car but also provides long lasting functional benefits. In 2018 the automotive tint industry is valued at over 3.41 billion in the U.S. and is expected to grow 5% over the next several years, according to Grand View Research. Selections for car owners are expanding, now including ceramic window tint. What is ceramic window tint and what are the options available to car owners? 

With so many different types, materials, and brands of tinting for cars on the market, it’s not a shock to learn that many of us car owners simply don’t know the differences between each. Dyed and metalized are some of the more common types of window tint, but one has recently entered the market and is changing how vehicle owners decide on the best types of car window film. 

why choose ceramic window tint

What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Window Tint? 

For most American car owners, especially those who live in areas that experience sunny weather for most of the year, window tints are indeed an indispensable installation for their vehicles. Not only does having a car window tint protect the skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays the sun contains, but window tints block 99% of the UV rays which prevent the skin from suffering from sunburn and aging prematurely.

Consumers nationwide value tint for multiple reasons including:

  • Privacy reasons
  • Reducing interior temperatures
  • Improving overall appearance of a car or truck

However, tint films used in car windows are not similar. All of them have different characteristics and are suited to different car types. Depending on your budget and preference, each has its unique benefit.

Transformation of Car Window Tint

Many consumers are curious to know what is ceramic window tint. As a newcomer in the industry, there’s a lot of buzz around this newer film type. But before we answer the questions around ceramic window tint, it’s important to understand the basic functions of regular vehicle window tint. 

What is window tinting? By far the most common type of window tint for cars and trucks is called dyed tint. As the most inexpensive service for consumers, detailers and tint shops generally install this type of film on vehicles. It’s made when dye is applied between layers of adhesive, with an outer protective polyester layer, which sticks to a car or truck’s window. This gives a dark look to the window that a lot of car owners aim for, plus it blocks up to 50% of light that would otherwise cause issues with visibility and even intended heat within the vehicle. There are few disadvantages for this type of car window film including its application. Given that it’s made from cheaper materials, it’s easy to apply incorrectly causing bubbles, especially when done by the car owners rather than a professional. It also doesn’t block as much light as other car window tints. 

Metallic Tint Film

Another type to consider for car owners is metallic film that comes in layers. The adhesive portion sticks to the window, then there’s a layer that blocks UV radiation, followed by a metallized layer designed to reflect the heat and light so the car stays cooler and darker. Finally, a protective layer is applied to the outside to guard from scratches. It’s more effective than dyed options as it blocks more light and reduces glare. Additionally, it’s more durable and won’t fade over time. However, its disadvantages are in blocking signals from the car including smartphone signals and even tire monitoring systems. 

ceramic window tint benefits

What Is Ceramic Window Tint and How Does It Compare?

If you’re tired of driving a hot car with the sun’s blinding rays in your eyes, it may be time to invest in a different type of window tint. As a more efficient solution than blasting your air conditioning and wearing expensive sunglasses, ceramic window tint for your car is certainly a worthwhile investment. The best results come from the latest window tinting option available: ceramic film.  

Investing in quality window tinting can help save money over time and guarantees long-lasting durable tint that you’ll love. 

What Sets Ceramic Window Tinting Options Apart? 

What is ceramic window tint? Ceramic tint contains ceramic-based nanoparticles, which are not visible to the naked eye. The film has a greater range of window tinting percentage, as well, making it more customizable for reducing glare and promoting visibility both day and night. Considered as the market’s high-end film with an associated higher cost, it still has impressive benefits that are arguably worth every penny. A few benefits include:

1. Stylizing

As more options for window tint become available, more vehicle owners are interested in customizing to fit their lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Not only does ceramic window tint come in a wide variety of percent coverage from strikingly dark to subtle, it also can be applied in a variety of shades to help make your vehicle stand-out in style. 

2. Sun Protection

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are notorious for destroying a vehicle interior, plus poses a threat to health in terms of skin damage and even eye issues. Untinted cars can block some UVA and UVB rays, but not all. Ceramic window tinting is an effective means of protecting your eyes and skin from additional light and UV rays. It also helps to prevent fading and damage to a car’s interior. Quality car window tinting should block up to 99.9% of UV radiation, which definitely is a possibility with ceramic window tint. 

3. Impressively Durable

Likely one of the most standout characteristics of ceramic window versus other types of vehicle tint is its durability. If you’ve seen a car’s tint peeling, bubbling, and fading, you know what an absolute eyesore it can be. Not only does this deterioration lower visibility, making driving dangerous, but it can also deter many drivers from adding tint to their car or truck. 

Ceramic window tint offers superior durability that is scratch-resistant and designed to last 10 years or longer. In fact, many of the ceramic window tints available can outlast the life of a vehicle. Further, ceramic window tinting can offer an increased level of safety. The nanoparticles in ceramic tint can offer resistance to small rocks that may smash through a window. It’s also harder to penetrate making it a deterrent for thieves.

It definitely has multiple solutions for different needs. 

what is ceramic window tint

Choosing A Ceramic Window Tint Professional 

Denver Auto Shield is obsessed with making a vehicle standout in the best ways. We are known for our ceramic coatings, clear bras, and of course, our ceramic window tint installation for Denver car owners. We use the best ceramic film, XPEL film, in the industry, which is perfect for the harsh climate and sun penetration in Colorado. 

Our mission is to create a custom look that gives you the ultimate design and clean finish. We use the XPEL DAP Design Software to precut precisely designed window tint patterns, designed by the leading pattern designers in the world. Using the XPEL Tint patterns produces a clean, precise, and uniform fitment with zero risk of cutting your vehicles glass with a blade.

To discuss your vehicle car tint options today contact us directly at 720-662-8250.


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