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Track Prep for this GT350R with XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra

What is the first thing you do after you buy the most capable track car that Ford has ever built? You protect it with XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra so you can drive it like it was meant to be driven. XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra is a 8.5 mil thick clear urethane film designed to protect your new cars paint from damaging road or track debris impact like rock chips.

With the latest technology in film and installation tools, we can cover large areas of the vehicle to the point where the clear bra cannot be detected. This Ford Mustang GT350R will live it’s life on the track. To protect the paint we covered the Full Hood, Full Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlamps, Rocker Panels, A Pillars, Roof, and Rear Wing with XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra. Check out the process below!

Each project starts with a full decontamination of the vehicle. We want a fully clean car so no contamination seeps in to the install areas during the project. This includes several washes as well as Iron decontamination and clay bar to remove the above and below surface bonded contaminants.

After the vehicle is prepped, we start installation. At Denver Auto Shield, we use XPEL’s Installation Gel as our slip solution instead of soap and water. The gel, while slower and messier than soap and water, gives us the maximum amount of time to float and position the Clear Bra on the panel being worked in order not to prematurely agitate the adhesive. It is these agitations, or premature tacking, of the adhesive that show up as “silvering” or “lift lines” in the final install.

We also utilize XPEL’s DAP Design Software to custom design and prepare our paint protection film. We can extend edges where necessary, drag curves, delete side markers, or whatever else we want to do to make sure we hide as many of the edges of the clear bra as possible. This ensures that no hand trimming of the film takes place while the film is on the vehicle where the possibility exists to cut through the film and damage the paint.

We also cover the surrounding areas with plastic to ensure we keep them clean.

When proper care and attention to detail are take, you can have large area clear bra coverage on your vehicle that cannot be seen. The goal is for you to be able to enjoy the car completely, without any worry of damage during normal use, and have the car look as good or better than the day you bought.

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