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Tesla Model S in for XPEL Full Body Clear Bra and GYEON quartz Coatings

This gorgeous Deep Blue Metallic Tesla Model S came in directly from delivery to have its surfaces well protected from the Colorado environment. While we have some of the most beautiful driving roads in the country, they are also the most damaging to your new cars paint and other surfaces. Left over snow prep, construction vehicles, and big rigs litter the road ways with loose debris that when kicked up from the car in front of you can permanently chip and damage your paint. So what do we do? We protect these delicate surfaces with a combination of Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film) and Quartz Coatings.

The XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra is an 8.5 mm thick optically clear, dual layered, urethane film that will absorb the impact from road debris and keep it from damaging the paints finish. We take extreme care and attention to detail to make sure the film is installed safely, uniformly, and is nearly invisible. The GYEON quartz Coatings are capable of long term protection from UV and chemical damage, deliver high gloss, intense water beading, and make regular maintenance washing very safe and effective so that your new car stays looking like the day you bought it for years to come. So how do we do it?

Each project starts with a thorough cleaning of the entire vehicle. We want a pure bond between the Clear Bra adhesive and the paint for guaranteed longevity. We also ensure that no loose debris from other areas of the car migrates in to the installation area. Cleanliness is key!

Once the vehicle is completely clean we move on to the Clear Bra installation. Each area of coverage is custom designed using the XPEL DAP Software and pre cut using the Graphtec Plotter to ensure that no large areas are cut with a blade and that the install is clean and uniform. The DAP Software allows for perfectly matched body lines, perfectly circular cut parking sensors, and an extremely uniform installation. Our goal is for the owner to not even know the Clear Bra is in place.

Once the Clear Bra is installed we move on to the application of the GYEON quartz Coatings. For this project we installed GYEON Q2 DuraFlex which is a very capable 2 part coating system with separate base coat and top coat chemistry designed to perform for at least 5 years with proper maintenance.

With the Coating installed we now have high gloss, intense water beading, real protection from UV and environmental damage like bird droppings and UV degradation, and a very easy to wash surface that will repel dirt and contaminant. Check out the finished shots!

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