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Porsche GT4 RS rolls in for PPF and Ceramic Coating

10 years ago, if we asked you “What’s the one car that Porsche will never make?” you most likely would have said a Cayman GT4 RS. Fast forward to 2023, and we have a 718 GT4 RS in our shop. As the most aggressive mid-engined car ever built by Porsche, this track toy far exceeds almost everything before it. 

Porsche GT4 RS sitting under light booth

This example, which gets exclusively used on-track, is receiving Full-Body Paint Protection Film (PPF) and our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System. After we’re done, this client will never worry about paint damage again. 

Step 1: Decontamination Wash

When we pull the car into the studio, it will immediately begin its 2-hour decontamination wash. Our team of professional detailers will start by using Gyeon Q2M Foam and Q2M Iron to remove surface grime and chemically decontaminate the paint.

 Once we get that completely rinsed off, we can start our gentle contact wash using Gyeon Q2M Bathe and the three-bucket method. To remove any remaining, embedded contaminants, we’ll clay bar the entire car with Gyeon Q2M Clay Lube. To finish off our wash, we’ll use a BLO Car Dryer to dry the vehicle without ever touching the paint. 

Cleaning wing with a wash mitt

Step 2: Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Since this client opted for no ceramic tint, this GT4 RS will head straight to our PPF installers where they will install Full-Body PPF. This is our most complete clear bra package, offering complete protection on every painted or carbon fiber surface on the vehicle. If you never want to worry about damage to your car paint from rock chips, bird droppings and other road debris, this a package you should seriously consider. 

Before we start installing, we’ll use a specialized computer program and a large printer, also known as a plotter, to print out PPF patterns specifically designed for each body panel. Because of this process, we can guarantee a perfect fit before we even touch the vehicle. 

Starting off the clear bra install, we’ll spray the body panel with a slip solution and the film is then laid onto the same panel. Using a squeegee, we push the slip solution out from underneath the film which allows the PPF to stick to the paint. We’ll do every panel using the same method until the entire car is protected. 

When we finish, we’ll let the car rest for 12-24 hours to allow any excess moisture to dry before inspecting the vehicle for any unwrapped edges or air pockets that we may need to fix. Once our installers are completely happy with the finished product, the car will land under our light booth for a ceramic coating. 

Laying pre-cut PPF on hood
Properly aligning PPF on rear bumper

Step 3: Ceramic Coating

This GT4 RS is receiving our most comprehensive ceramic coating package: the Level 2 Coating System. As our highest-end offering for ceramic coating, this package includes two layers of silicon dioxide-based coating on all painted or carbon surfaces as well as dedicated coatings for wheel faces and the windshield. 

The benefits of a ceramic coating are almost endless but there they protect your car in a few key ways that are extremely important. Ceramic coatings for cars primarily provide protection from harmful UV rays and chemical damage. They also have extreme hydrophobic properties, allowing for very easy cleaning.

Since this vehicle has full-body PPF, there’s no need for a paint correction, so we can jump right into surface prep. Using Gyeon Q2M Prep and Q2M WaterSpot, we’ll spray the whole car down to remove any water spots, lubricants or remaining grease. 

To start installing, we’ll apply a ceramic coating to a specialized applicator and then spread it onto a single body panel, working in linear motions. The coating will rest on the panel for 10-15 seconds before we remove it with a short fiber microfiber towel followed by a long fiber towel. All we’re doing here is removing the excess coating and leaving an invisible layer still on the vehicle. 

Installing ceramic coating on carbon hood

After a quick vacuum and interior wipe-down, this GT4 RS is ready for delivery. 

Finished vehicle under our light booth

If you’re interested in learning more about how our services can protect your vehicle, please feel free to give us a call at 720-662-8520 or an email at

Jeff McEachran

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