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Full Body Clear Bra and Quartz Coating Protection for this McLaren 720S in Denver

The McLaren 720S is a flat out race car. The twin turbo 4.0 liter V8 fires the 720S from 0-62 mph in just 2.9 seconds. Knowing the owners well, and that this car would see a significant amount of track time, we needed to make sure it was completely protected and easy to maintain. We chose our Full Body Protection Package in XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra to keep the factory paint option well preserved and free of rock chip and road debris damage. We then applied GYEON quartz Protective Coatings to the entire body as well as the Wheels inside and out. This will make for some serious fun in this car without fear of damage during use, and high gloss and easy cleanup after a good day at the track. So how do we do it?

Every car begins its time with us by undergoing a thorough cleaning and surface decontamination. We want every surface we will engage with to be completely pure and free of any other waxes or sealants that may be on the car. This also allows us to get an honest look at the paints condition to evaluate what will need done in the polishing and correction phase to remove the defects. This happens through several washes, clay bar, and iron decon to get the surfaces in proper shape.

While the 720S is being cleaned, we are also designing and preparing the extensive Clear Bra coverage for this car. We utilize the XPEL DAP Software to custom design the coverage for every project. This allows us to uniformly extended edges for wrapping, delete side markers, extend curves, or anything else we want to do in order to safely and uniformly customize the coverage without having to hand trim over the paint with a razor. Each section of the car is prepared and labeled so that when it comes time to install on the car, we are just putting the puzzle together very cleanly.

Now on to the install! We covered every area of exposed paint on this 720S in XPEL Clear Bra. The McLarens are very slow and take a ton of attention to detail for the best fitment.

Once the Clear Bra coverage is in place, we can move on to the Quartz Coatings. For this project we installed GYEON quartz SYNCRO, which is a brand new coating from GYEON quartz designed to provide long term protection and an extremely glossy and slick finish. The Quartz Coatings will provide years of durability, instead of the few months we see out of waxes and sealants. Coatings are much more capable in terms of real protection from UV degradation and chemical damage like water spots or bird droppings. The Quartz Coatings will also make regular wash maintenance very fast and easy.

Check out the final shots!

This car can now be enjoyed and driven hard, without the worry of damaging road debris blemishing the finish! Contact us today to discuss your New Car Protection needs!


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