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Ferrari F12 Paint Correction and GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating in Denver

With the 2018 Automezzi Car Show coming up this weekend, we though it appropriate to start the Ferrari content. This F12 is one of many Ferrari’s we have on the schedule in preparation for the all Italian car and motorcycle show this Sunday. The F12 is an absolute monster. The front engine 6.3 Liter V-12 produces 731 horsepower and pushes the car to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds. After 4 years of life, the Rosso Corsa paint was in need of a bit of attention. We went with our Level 2 GYEON quartz Ceramic Coating System and a bit of Paint Correction. The Level 2 Ceramic Coating service includes Q2 Mohs+ which is a 5 yr + , separate Base Coat and Top Coat Ceramic system designed for the paint that will provide real world protection from UV and environmental impact, tons of gloss, and make regular maintenance washing very fast and easy. We also applied Q2 RIM to the Wheels to protect from brake dust and road contaminant while making the intricate wheel design very easy to clean. Finally, Q2 VIEW is applied to the windshield for high visibility in poor weather conditions.

Each project starts with a deep cleaning of the paint and other surfaces to be treated. We want all existing waxes or sealants removed before the polishing process begins and we want a clean surface for the ceramic coatings to bond to. This includes several washes with GYEON quartz Q2M Foam and Q2M Bathe, as well as a chemical decontamination with Q2M Iron, and a bit of Clay Bar.

Once the paint is perfectly clean, we can evaluate its condition and level of existing defects. The paints clear coat acts as the lens in which we experience the color underneath. Any defect, especially uniform defects like wash induced marring, will bend the light as it tries to reflect through the paint system and rob us of the true color, clarity, and gloss. We correct these defects with the RUPES Bigfoot Polishers and an assortment of compounds and polishes.

When the Paint Correction stage is complete, the car gets a thorough wipe down in GYEON Q2M Prep to remove all of the polishing oils and lubricants before applying the ceramic coating.

Time for Coating! The first layer of the Q2 MOHS+ system is GYEON quartz Q2 BASE. Q2 BASE is a highly advanced PHPS based protective coating that gives us our long term bond to the paint as well as much of the protective properties of the system.

The Top Coat of the MOHS+ system is Q2 PHOBIC. Q2 PHOBIC is an SiO2 based, highly repellent and very glossy top coat designed to evacuate water and contaminant from the paints surface freely, keeping the surface healthy, and making washing very simple as debris will not adhere to the surface.

A hand held inspection light is always used to make sure the coating is perfectly applied.

Up next is GYEON quartz Q2 RIM to protect the intricate wheels from brake dust while making cleaning a breeze.

Finally, GYEON quartz Q2 VIEW is applied to the windshield. Q2 VIEW is a highly hydrophobic coating that will repel water and debris from the windshield and increase visibility in poor weather driving conditions.

Ceramic Coatings play a huge role in how we protect Denver’s vehicles from the harsh environment. While Clear Bra gives us impact resistance and keeps rock chips from the paint, the Ceramic Coatings give us long term protection from the slow degradation of the exterior finish of the car that happens over time. Check out the final shots!


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