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Ferrari 488 Spider in for XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra and GYEON Quartz Coatings

The all new Ferrari 488 Spider is a car that is absolutely meant to be driven. With 660 hp and 560 ft/lbs of torque pumping out of the 8 cylinder turbo charged engine, it is a very capable Supercar. To fully enjoy this car on the Colorado roads, it needs to be well protected. While we have some of the most exciting driving roads in the country, they are also the most damaging to your new cars finish. Rock chips and road debris damage is almost guaranteed during any spirited drive. So what do we do? XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film and GYEON Quartz Coatings to the rescue!

XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film, or Clear Bra, is an 8.5 mil thick, multi layered urethane film designed to absorb impact from road debris and save your new paint from the dreaded rock chip. Rock chips are unsightly and will require paint touch up or repair to be properly fixed. Clear Bra is the only way to protect your finish from this damage. Using the latest technology in protective films we can install clear bra to your car with no loss in appearance.

The GYEON Quartz Coatings are the second piece to the New Car Protection puzzle. The Quartz Coatings are designed to provide superior protection from harmful environmental contaminants like bird droppings, water spots, and UV damage. The coatings are designed to last for years, not months, and deliver a very unique gloss. Regular maintenance cleaning becomes very safe and simple as the coated surfaces will repel dirt and grime. When the project is complete we are left with an incredible looking car that is ready to take on the Colorado roads!

Each project begins with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of the vehicle. We want a completely clean surface to work with.

Once the surface is clean, we can evaluate the paints condition and correct any defects. Ferrari is notorious for delivering very poor paint finishes. We often find sanding marks and damage from poor polishing technique. This 488 was no exception. We found severe and uniform factory sanding marks that needed correction.

Once the paint is polished, the true brilliance of the color can shine through. Even minor defects in the clear coat layer of the paint system will bend and refract light as it travels through the clear coat, bounces off the color layer, back through the clear coat and in to our eye. Removing these defects brings an incredible amount of color and gloss back to the paint system.

With the paint in proper shape, we can install the XPEL Clear Bra and GYEON Quartz Coatings. Each panel of the car is pre designed and pre cut using the XPEL DAP Design Software. This allows us to fully customize the coverage; extending edges, deleting side markers, and anything else we would want to do to hide the films edges as much as possible. Using the Graphtec 60″ plotter, this is done before the film ever touches the car, eliminating the need to hand trim with a blade over the paint where damage can occur.

It’s then time to install the Clear Bra!

We also removed all 4 wheels to deeply clean and protect them in GYEON Q2 Rim. This Quartz Coating is specifically designed for wheels and will keep the brake dust from harming them while making maintenance cleaning very simple. We coat the wheel faces, backs, barrels, and brake calipers.

All done! This car can now be driven worry free of rock chips and road debris impact damage.

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