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Should You Ceramic Coat Your Wheels?

As a new car owner, you might wonder, “Should you ceramic coat your wheels?” In short, yes! Beyond the gloss, ceramic coating acts as an invisible shield, protecting against road contaminants, brake dust, and daily wear and tear. In this guide, we’ll discuss the reasons why ceramic coating for your wheels is a worthwhile investment, offering not only a showroom-quality finish but also protection from the elements.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings for Wheels

Enhanced Aesthetics

Whether they’re gloss black, brushed aluminum or polished bronze, your wheels are an important part of your vehicle’s overall look. Ceramic coating offers a solution that enhances the finish of your wheels. For gloss finishes, applying a coating creates sustained gloss and shine, intensifying the depth of your wheel’s finish. For brushed or matte finishes, coatings help maintain an even finish without any spots or streaks. 

Ceramic Coated Wheel

Protection Against Contaminants

Since your wheels are the only part of the car that physically makes contact with the ground, they are much more susceptible to damage from chemicals, road salt and dirt and grime. Brake dust is another persistent challenge that your wheels face every time you drive it. Ceramic coating acts as a protective barrier, preventing these hazards from damaging your finish. 

Part of the reason why ceramic coatings are so effective at protecting wheels is because of their hydrophobic properties. This means that many water or liquid-based contaminants are repelled by the coating, preventing them from coming into contact with the actual wheel surface. 

Tailored Solutions for Different Wheel Types

Regardless of the finish on your vehicle’s wheels, a ceramic coating like Gyeon Q2 Rim is almost certainly a great investment. From matte black to chrome to brushed aluminum, ceramic coatings will provide a high level of protection while helping to maintain that finish that you paid for. 

Simplified Cleaning Process

For many, cleaning their wheels is their least favorite part of washing their car. It’s time-consuming, annoying and messy. With a wheel coating, the cleaning process is significantly easier. Regular maintenance simply involves a dedicated wheel cleaner, such as Gyeon Q2M Iron WheelCleaner, and one or two brushes. 

Thanks again to the coating’s hydrophobic properties, the initial application of an iron remover and a rinse will remove much of the grime that has accumulated on your wheels. After this, a quick scrub with a wheel brush and your wheels will look brand new again. 

Time is a valuable commodity and ceramic coatings save you time during your wash, allowing you to spend more moments enjoying your vehicle rather than keeping your wheels clean.

Cleaning Porsche GT4 RS Wheel

Addressing Common Questions

Is it Worth the Investment?

As a new car owner, it’s natural to question the return on investment of ceramic coating. Consider the short-term and long-term benefits in terms of reduced maintenance, prolonged lifespan of your wheel’s finish, and enhanced aesthetics to make an informed decision. It is, of course, up to you, but we always recommend adding a wheel coating if you are ceramic coating the rest of your vehicle. Our Level 2 Ceramic Coating System even includes a wheel coating as part of the package.

Bottle of ceramic coating sitting on wheel

How Long Does It Last?

The durability of ceramic coatings, especially for wheels, varies, but in general, they provide protection for 1-2 years. Wheel coatings tend to be less durable than paint coatings due to the rigorous conditions that wheels face. High temperatures, road chemicals and debris mean that coatings have to work harder to protect your wheels.  

Factors like exposure to harsh weather, frequency of car washes, and road conditions can impact the longevity of a ceramic coating. This is especially true for wheels, where high temperatures, road chemicals and debris mean that coatings have to work harder to do their job. Following recommended care practices, such as using an iron wheel cleaner and a ceramic coating topper product like Gyeon Q2M WetCoat as well as allowing the coating to cure for 24 hours after application, can maximize its effectiveness. 

Applying ceramic coating to wheel


In conclusion, ceramic coating for your wheels is absolutely something that is worth investing in. It’s an investment in the longevity and aesthetics of your wheel’s finish. From enhanced shine to protection from the elements, the benefits extend far beyond the surface.

By considering these benefits, new car owners can make an informed decision about ceramic coating, deciding whether ceramic coating your wheels is the right choice for your needs. Deciding to apply ceramic coating is an investment in the sustained protection of your wheels, providing a shield against the elements.

For new car owners looking to protect their wheels, ceramic coating offers a solution that aligns with your commitment to keeping your vehicle protected for years to come. Consult with professionals to explore tailored options for your specific vehicle and enjoy the enduring benefits of ceramic-coated wheels.

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